Ethics Pledge

The Girl Scout Cookie Program and the Fall Product Program give Girl Scouts the opportunity to learn new skills, to promote Girl Scouting and to live the Girl Scout Promise and Law. This opportunity comes with the responsibility to follow safety, media relations and business ethics guidelines. As a volunteer for the GSOSW Product Sale Program you are accepting the responsibility to assist Girl Scouts in implementing business ethics by setting a positive example through your actions, words and deeds that mirror the standards of the Girl Scout Promise and Law. All Product Sales Program volunteers are required to read and complete this ethics pledge.

Goal Setting - I agree to help her achieve her goals ethically by:

  • Selling Girl Scout Product at the price set and published by GSOSW.
  • Honoring commitments to actively participate in Product Sale Program events including goal setting and parent meetings.
  • Arriving and departing at the appointed time for booth sales. This honors the agreement made to our program partner store/location, our customers, and sister Girl Scouts.
  • Money Management - I agree to help her manage money ethically by:

  • Exclusively selling items approved by GSOSW during the Product Sale Program.
  • Ensuring that she counts back the correct change to customers.
  • Never using funds from Product Sale Program for personal use.
  • Honoring the girl approved uses of troop funds and credits.
  • Making full and on-time deposits of all funds collected as a part of the Product Sale Program.
  • Decision Making - I agree to help her make ethical decisions by:

  • Following all Product Sale Program safety rules and guidelines found in Volunteer Essentials.
  • Ensuring that Girl Scouts are actively participating in selling, not adults.
  • Wearing Girl Scout clothing or a Girl Scout uniform, to easily identify you as a Girl Scout during in-person and door to door sales.
  • Responsibly selecting selling location that Girl Scouts can safely and legally enter.
  • Making full and on-time deposits of all funds collected as a part of the Product Sale Program.
  • People Skills - I agree to help her practice ethical people skills by:

  • Demonstrating a positive and encouraging attitude.
  • Ensuring that Girl Scouts and volunteers stay focused on helping their customers and to not play games, run, jump, be on the phone, or otherwise be distracted while engaging in a selling activity.
  • Speaking to everyone with courtesy and respect.
  • Encouraging Girl Scouts to confidently ask customers to buy products.
  • Showing gratitude and appreciation to people even if asking does not result in a sale.

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